What's Italian Culture?

Also: why should I care about that?

Truth to tell, we don’t know what Italian Culture is, and yet we made a podcast about it.

Our show delves into Italian traditions, customs and lore in order to overcome stereotypes by entrusting the narrative to local researchers. Each episode tells unheard stories, uncovers obscure facts and explores places that resonate with “Italianness”.

If you’re interested in Italian culture, you may want to go deeper.

Italian Culture comes from Ars Dicendi.

Buon Ascolto.


and everything else that matters

The Genie in the Bottle – Show Notes

Images Suggested Readings Daniele Baroni, Maurizio VItta, Breve Storia del Design Grafico, Longanesi Marina Mojana, Ada Masoero, Depero con Campari, De Luca Vv. Aa., Depero Futurista, Electa Gabriella Belli, Beatrice Avanzi, Depero Pubblicitario, Skira Vv. Aa., Futurist Manifestos Read more…

The Genie in the Bottle

There’s a small piece of art in almost every fridge, even in yours. It’s from the Twenties, the time when an avant-garde artist (Fortunato Depero) and an entrepreneur (Davide Campari) proved that ads could be Read more…

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